It all comes down to one thing: someone is trying to choose their dinner. Between critical paths, category management, factory processes and all the other industry jargon, it’s easy to forget that. If you make someone happy – entice, charm and satisfy them – they'll come back. If you make their dinner great, they won’t forget it. I’ve developed successful, profitable products and I’d love to help you do the same.

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Helping you and your team stay innovative and inspired, whether linked to specific briefs and blue-sky projects or creating an inspiration pipeline and embedding good creative practise. Let me organise your food and drinks inspiration tours, feed you regular trends and insight, literally feed you an inspirational tasting menu and keep you on your creative toes. 

Nicola has an enviable passion for food and the ability to see the extraordinary in the everyday. Working with us, Nicola has revolutionised the way we approach creativity and innovation, showing us how to share inspiration and ideas and helping us create great experiences for M&S customers.

She helped set up social media and food sharing groups, follow inspirational food leaders and guided us on how to get the most out of directional research and inspiration tours. Instead of creating products, we now create meals and experiences, and have seen a “Swift” accelerated sales performance in our categories against a declining market.
— Natalie McGrath, National M&S Account Manager, Cranswick Plc


Making food taste better and cost less. I can help you clean up the ingredients deck, improve nutritional content and health credentials, audit the recipe or production process and generally make things tastier and more cost efficient.